HUY PHONG VINA Trading and Technical Services Co., Ltd was established in 2019. After 4 years of operation in the field of supplying industrial machinery and equipment, consumable materials in factories, HUY PHONG VINA has built earned a reputation through the quality and reputation of its products and services.

The company’s field of activities related to mechanical services includes: Design, Supply and installation, Operation and maintenance of systems including:

• Mechanical Service

– Industrial equipment such as inverters, motors for CNC processing machines of Fanuc, Mitsubishi,…

– Metal cutting tools used in CNC machining of Champdia, EHWA, Mitsubishi, OSG, Okazaki,…

– Industrial greases

– Air conditioning and ventilation system
– Water system for domestic use, industrial production and sanitary equipment
– Waste water treatment system
– Gas System
– Fire prevention and fighting system

– Compressed air

• Electrical Service

– Generator and backup power
– Building Management System
– Anti-lightning system
– Network and telephone system
– Camera surveillance system
HUYPHONGVINA’s goal is to bring customers absolute satisfaction through high quality management standards and a team of engineers with professional competence, practical experience and professional working style.