About us

Huy Phong Vina Technical Service and Trading Co., Ltd, specializes in providing all kinds of accessories in the mechanical engineering industry, all kinds of equipment, tools in industrial plants.

Main business activities: Supply of machining tools, clamps, measuring equipment, test gauges, hand tools, abrasive materials, accessories for CNC lathes, CNC milling machines…
Our criteria: Ensure prestige – product quality, wholeheartedly serve and put the interests of customers first.

Product genuine
Free delivery
Free technical consultation
Support 24.7


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With the desire to bring to customers “the BEST PRODUCTS AND REASONABLE PRICES”. We, HUY PHONG VINA are proud to accompany major global brands from developed industries.

Best quality.
The ordering process is simple and fast.
Optimum technical consulting.
Dedicated customer care.
Diversified products to meet customer needs.

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    House No. 26, Lane 15, Hoa Binh Street, Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

    0899 558 688


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