Hitachi Moldino UEX Piece Milling Cutter

Hitachi Moldino UEX Piece Milling Cutter

The insert insert milling cutter is the solution to help businesses and precision mechanical processing workshops to optimize costs. Just replace the insert when worn and make use of the existing toolholder, you can continue the work in progress.

HUY PHONG VINA, helping customers with application applications, technical support, demo support, tooling advice in difficult problems when machining molds.

The series of thin mounted milling cutters Easy Cut Square Mill UEX for roughing and finishing milling with outstanding cutting performance, ap from 12mm-15mm.

Wide range of milling applications: face milling, shoulder milling, slotting milling.

The Insert design has a variety of coatings that can process many materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum.


– Tool diameter: 16mm – 50mm, corresponding to 1-4 insert pieces.

– Use insert insert APET / APEW / APNT / ADET / ADET / ADEW / ADNT with coating CY100H / HC844 / CH550 / EX / WH10 to process carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum.

– Brand: Moldino (old Hitachi Tool)

Brand  Hitachi Tool will officially change its name to MOLDINO from April 2020

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